Locally Manufactured


We are committed to creating value and sustainability throughout our manufacturing process. From the sourcing of the finest cotton, to the delivery of our garments, we constantly monitor and improve our processes that enhance our Southern African value chain.


All our garments are made through our vertically integrated manufacturing process at our factories in George, Western Cape and Lesotho. We are committed to creating value and sustainability throughout our manufacturing process. From the sourcing of cotton to delivering a finished garment, we constantly monitor and improve processes that enhance the locally manufactured value chain.

Our cotton is currently 100% South African. We do, however, source from our neighboring countries from time to time.

Our 100% cotton yarn is subjected to stringent tests to ensure the highest quality open-end yarn.

Our select fabrics are knitted in body size tubular form allowing for seamless-side products. We also produce wide width fabric for our polo’s, kids and winter product ranges as well as special customer orders.

Our fabric is dyed to international colour fastness and performance benchmarks to ensure stability.

Our state-of-the-art Bierrebi automatic cutting machines are used to ensure fast and accurate cutting of garments.

At our MT (make trim) operation in Lesotho, garments are manufactured according to the highest standards.


Expertise - We have been manufacturing garments for the promotional industry for over 2 decades and have a wealth of experience and expertise in the manufacturing of 100% cotton products. Our vertically integrated manufacturing process is in line with international standards and has been approved by several leading retailers.

Manufacturers reputation - From the sourcing of exceptional cotton, through the entire spinning, knitting and dyeing process, to the final assembly and distribution of the garment, you have a well-known and reputable local manufacturer.

International endorsement & recognition – Our high quality products are recognized by us being the manufacturer of choice for top international brands.

Superior colour quality – Our in-house dye laboratory ensures that all garments are manufactured to consistent colour specifications which ensure continuity of colour.

Competitive pricing – We use state of the art technologies to ensure you are getting exceptional value for your money. We closely monitor international best practice and implement these to ensure our clients are receiving the best product for the best price.

Speed of execution – Through maintaining a steady production line, well-stocked warehouse facilities and national distribution network, your Vic Bay apparel is just a call away.

Sustainability - By purchasing Vic Bay garments, you can rest assured that you are getting consistent, high quality locally manufactured product.